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Plant Biostimulants

Our exclusive line of VALAGRO biostimulants* gives farmers a line of products with active ingredients of purely natural origin, which stimulate the main physiological processes of the plant while promoting their growth and productivity.


*The terms "Plant Biostimulants" and "Biostimulants" used in these materials are used for the class definition of Valagro products and in no way refer to the official registration class of the products. The registration class of the products may vary according to each country, and it should be preferred to obtain the necessary information from official authorities or the registration information on the label should be taken into account first.

All Products

Dormancy breaker

Anti-stress and growth activator.

Gets to the root of the problem

Promotes absorption of nutrients

Feeds and strengthen the plant.

Highest crop productivity, highest return for farmers

It increases and standardizes fruit size.

Feeds and strengthen the plant.

Increases photosynthetic and vegetative activities

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Promotes root growth.

Produces greater vigour and uniformity.

Increases production and improves vegeto-productive balance.

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Promotes ripening.

Stimulates flowering and fruit setting.

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Improved and balanced growth.

Improve plant growth on saline soils.

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For good vitality of crops

Increases Crop Water Productivity

Highest crop productviity in organic farming