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Welcome to Valagro.

Valagro was founded in Abruzzo and brings into the world of today the same passion for nature that produces its solutions for the care and nurture of plants.
Today, our company is able to globally respond to the specific needs of the Customer, needs that reflect new and increasing requirements, in a context of increasingly scarce and precious resources.
For this reason, here at Valagro, we have decided to accept a challenge: to bring development and prosperity using fewer resources, or rather to produce more and better for the needs of the world, using less land, less water and less technical means.
To do this, we have placed research and innovation in the service of nature, understanding that taking care of the future means working together while respecting the environment and protecting the health of everyone.

Passion for nature, belief in innovation, commitment to the future.

Welcome to Valagro, where science is serving nature.


The growing demand for food and well-being on the part of the world's population requires an effective response. Relying on a return to nature is not a realistic alternative because it does not suffice to meet global needs. On the other hand, excessive use of chemical products implies a non-sustainable choice in the long term from the environmental point of view.


Aware of this challenge, Valagro believes there is a third option: meet the needs of humankind using less resources, thanks to a new Con-science, able to put Science at the service of man through innovation and respect for Nature.




Valagro has always had a passion for creating innovative and effective solutions for plant nutrition and care, while respecting people and the environment.