"GROWER OF THE YEAR 2013”: the prestigious UK award goes to two farmers who have chosen Valagro technology and products

Thanks to its use of the Valagro Group’s technology and products, the British F&T Schembri farm has won this year's prestigious "Grower of the Year 2013" award in two categories, "vegetables (salads)" and "fruit and vegetables (edibles)" – the latter being the most important award of the entire category.
This recognition, which rewards the best operators in the United Kingdom’s fruit and vegetable industry, is awarded to companies and professionals in the agricultural sector for the important results achieved in the past 18 months in terms of customer satisfaction, innovation, cost containment, the use of innovative technologies, variety and the quality of production, etc.
For the judges of the award, established in Britain by Horticulture Week, the British reference magazine for the agricultural sector, in association with the Asda supermarket chain and the National Farmers’ Union, Tino and Filipo Schembri have shown themselves to be at the forefront of managing their business and have demonstrated their resourcefulness in experimenting with new Valagro technologies and products for the development and care of plants. Particularly highly thought of were the greenhouse modernisation projects launched by the two farmers to improve the energy efficiency and air-conditioning in their nursery through the installation of heat shields and the development of a computerised system for controlling the climatic conditions in the greenhouse environment and obtaining an increasingly more abundant crop with the lesser use of resources. The company also has plans to rebuild the remaining quarter of the nursery in the near future.
This award bears further witness to the quality of Valagro’s products, chosen by the two farmers because of their reliability and the undeniable guarantee of results in agricultural production and demonstrates the extent of innovation represented by the Group’s products. Last year, in fact, Tino and Filipo Schembri conducted important demonstration tests in their own nursery with the following Group products: Mc Cream, Brexil, Radifarm and Actiwave. But it is also thanks to Valagro’s close cooperation with Agrovista (a British firm founded in 2001 through the merger of PROFARMA Ltd and Crop Care Group, which provides specialised agronomic products for crop protection) that the Italian Group's products are now also well known and highly thought of among professionals operating in the UK.
Visit the photo gallery now to get a close up view of the winners’ nursery and some of the greenhouse crops that enabled the two farmers to win this prestigious award. What is more, you can also take a look at some photos of the exciting award ceremony which took place on March 20 in London.