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The new look of ONE was created in collaboration with our most important industry consultants: our consumers.
We have listened to them to meet their needs. The result: the new ONE is clearer, with intuitive instructions for use and a more glamorous and sinuous look. Of course, without losing its effectiveness.
Thanks to a nutritional blend of natural substances and microelements, ONE stimulates the natural metabolic processes of plants, ensuring a lush and balanced development. Prestigious universities and research institutes demonstrate the undisputed effectiveness of ONE.
ONE is available in:

  • liquid format of 150 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter
  • microgranular form in 1kg packages, ideal for fertilizing terrace and garden plants, and 4Kg ideal for a thick and lush lawn
  • ONE Essence new format; all the nutritional power of ONE in a 300gr bag. Practical, effective and eco-friendly

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Concentrated fertilizer for healthy and lush plants and flowers
Essence of fertilizer for healthy and lush plants and flowers
Concentrated fertilizer for healthy and lush lawn and garden