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Valagro, a global leader in the field of biostimulants and other specialty nutrients for plants, has always put the best of its innovation and research at the service of farmers worldwide, helping them "do more with less".

Across the world, agricultural producers feel the need to produce more abundant and better quality crops while using less water, land and technical inputs.

In the complex context of the effects of climate change, scarcity of fundamental resources and low land yields, how can agriculture become constantly more productive and efficient in order to produce additional food for an ever-growing world population in a sustainable way?

To answer this question, Valagro launched Valagro for Future Farming, an initiative to show its commitment to building tomorrow's agriculture through the supply of increasingly innovative and effective solutions and technologies.

Our events in 2018


Innovation et profitabilité en agriculture:
solutions d'aujourd'hui et demain


5th June 2018 in Toulouse, at Cité de l’Espace

A meeting with the title INNOVATION ET PROFITABILITÉ EN AGRICULTURE: SOLUTIONS D'AUJOURD'HUI ET DEMAIN (Innovation and profitability in Agriculture: Solutions for today and tomorrow) will be held on 5 June in the futuristic setting of the Cité de l'espace in Toulouse.

Organised by Valagro France in collaboration with Terre-écos, our media partner for the event, the conference will be an outstanding opportunity to illustrate how Valagro solutions, and in particular biostimulants, can help French agriculture to achieve a better balance between productivity and sustainability, especially in market segments such as row crops.

The event will be attended by industry experts such as Prof. Patrick Du Jardin, Head of the Plant Biology Unit at the University of Liège, and Marie-Noëlle Brisset, Director of Research at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA).

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Claudio Capobianco, Global Sales Director

Comment relever le défi de l'agriculture de demain

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Benoit Genot, Global Marketing Director

L'innovation Valagro pour la satisfaction des besoins des agriculteurs

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J. F. Ducret, Country Manager & Head sales Central Europe

La science de Valagro au service de l’agriculture francaise

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Patrick du Jardin, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Université de Liège

Les Biostimulants de plantes : opportunités pour une agriculture efficiente et durable

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Marie-Noëlle Brisset, Directeur de recherche INRA

Nouveaux outils pour évaluer l’effet des stimulateurs des plantes ou améliorer leur utilisation

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Steering Indian agriculture through
Valagro's sustainable solutions


26th May in Hyderabad, at Park Hyatt Hotel

The challenges faced by Indian agriculture and Valagro's role as an innovator will be the subject of the conference STEERING INDIAN AGRICULTURE THROUGH VALAGRO'S SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS to be held on 26th and 27th May at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Hyderabad. There will be discussions on the benefits delivered by innovative Valagro solutions by combining productivity, efficiency and quality in Indian agriculture. The event will be attended by distributors, farmers, journalists and opinion leaders in this market.

On the platform, we will have some of the leading exponents of India's academic and research world, including experts from the National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management – NIASM, and the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research – IIHR and the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University –TNAU.

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Luca Fornara, India Country Manager Valagro

Valagro and the growth outlooks in the Indian market

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Prem Warrior, Coo Valagro

The Challenge of future farming

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Jagadish Rane, Crop Physiologist - ICAR

Temperature and Drought Stress Management in Cash Crops-Emerging opportunities for scientific interventions

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M. S. Rao, Principal Scientist Head, Division of Entomology and Nematology IIHR

Bio-pesticides for sustainable agriculture

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Narendra Pratap Singh, Director ICAR

Abiotic Stress Management for Sustainable Agriculture

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P. Jeyakumar, Department of Crop Physiology Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Physiological effects of abiotic stress on crop yield and quality

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Raman Ramachandran, Head South Asia, Chairman & Managing Director, BASF India Limited

Sustainable Agricultural Solutions

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Ciência Por Trás Dos Bioestimulantes Em Grandes Culturas: Soluções Inovadoras Da Valagro Para O Brasil


5th July in Campinas

The third event in the Valagro for Future Farming project - entitled “Ciência Por Trás Dos Bioestimulantes Em Grandes Culturas: Soluções Inovadoras Da Valagro Para O Brasil” ("Science Behind Biostimulants In Large Crops: Innovative Valagro Solutions For Brazil") - will be an invaluable opportunity for discussing the future of one of the most important agricultural markets in the world.

Once again, prominence will be given to Valagro's commitment to providing truly effective solutions that are capable of combining sustainability and productivity in agriculture, with particular reference to crucial sectors like that of industrial crops.

The event will be attended by experts from the Brazilian academic world, including Professor Alessandro Guerra of the University of Rio Verde and Professor Paulo Sentelhas of the University of Sao Paulo.

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Victor Sonzogno, Head of Brazil & South Cone Region Valagro

Valagro do Brasil Perspectivas de crescimento

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Gianluca Di Tommaso, Global Head of Crop Management

Por trás da agricultura sustentável, o melhor da pesquisa e inovação da Valagro

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Paulo Cesar Sentelhas, Departamento de Eng. Biossistemas, ESALQ – USP

Estratégias para o gerenciamento do estresse abiótico para ganhos de produtividade em soja

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Alessandro Guerra da Silva, Universidade de Rio Verde

Bioestimulantes para grandes culturas: manejo técnico com YieldON

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Murilo De Moraes, Crop Manager Cereais

A eficácia das soluções Valagro para grandes culturas

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Anderson Witti, Technical Sales Manager Solotek

Principais resultados dos testes de campo com YieldON e outras soluções da Valagro no Centro Oeste

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