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The complex global situation we experienced in the late stages of 2021 shall put the agricultural world in front of a tough scenario also in 2022, due to the combined effects of the global pandemic emergency, a severe supply chain disruption and the increase of energy costs. Now, more than ever, we wish to stand by our customers, giving them equivalent solutions to reduce the impact of such crisis.

We, in Valagro, are proud to leverage on our innovative approach to give novel answers to unprecedented problems. With the same perspective, we now want to support our customers in the knowledge and use of equivalent agricultural solutions. By cherishing our experience and our customer-centered approach, we guide our customers in the choice of the appropriate solutions, providing them an alternative way to maintain their outputs and protect their margin.

Brexil Line: the solution able to mitigate the scarcity of traditional chelates

Brexil is a line of products based on micronutrients complexed with LSA, in microgranular formulation, capable to prevent and treat micro deficiencies in foliar applications.

LSA used in BREXIL®, to complex micronutrients, enables better agronomic efficacy, comparable with synthetic chelating agents. LSA has a natural origin and it is recognized and used by the plant to enhance many physiological processes.

Guaranteed supplies of LSA for Valagro assure a constant availability of BREXIL® products to the growers, avoiding market fluctuations that characterize synthetic chelating agents. BREXIL® line represents an alternative, effective, sustainable, and safe solution to synthetic chelates.


Watch the video to discover more about Brexil Line!


Calcium role for plants


Biostimulants and foliar NPK represent viable solutions to avoid crop yield losses

The raw materials scarcity and supply chain disruption will make the use of traditional NPK fertilizers harder. Without an adequate nutrients supply, many hectares of crops around the world might not have sufficient resources to maximize yields. There are other Valagro solutions that can minimize the impact of this critical situation, helping crops produce “more with less”: plant biostimulants and foliar NPK.

Plant Biostimulants are, according to the European Biostimulants Council (EBIC) definition, EU fertilising products whose function is to stimulate plant nutrition processes independently of the product’s nutrient content. The use of Biostimulants improves the plant and/or the rhizosphere by:

  • Increasing the nutrient use efficiency
  • Increasing the tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Enhancing quality traits
  • Enhances the availability of confined nutrients in the soil or rhizosphere.


Plant Biostimulants with direct action on nutrient uptake

Regarding Plant Biostimulants with direct actions on nutrient uptake, we can report Actiwave and YieldON.
We have several evidences from omic-technologies and field trials that can support this claim.

Actiwave is a biostimulant for root application and it is able to stimulate protonic pumbs to absorb more nutrients from te soil. 

YieldON is a foliar biostimulants specific for row crops able to improves uptake and transport of nitrogen and the microelements Zn and Fe, and at the same time it increases phosphate use efficiency.


Plant Biostimulants with indirect action on nutrient uptake

For root application

Radifarm is a root promoter and represents an important product to be used in the early stages of plant development, in order to ensure excellent root absorption of nutrients. 

Viva acts on the rhizosphere, by improving the availability of nutrients near the roots.

Talete is our new biostimulant specific for water crop productivity. Besides the specific effect on optimizing the water use by plant, it has been demonstrated that the product can have also an effect on water uptake. Indirectly, this could be also linked with an improvement of nutrients present in the soil solution.

For foliar application

Mc Extra and Mc Cream with their positive effects on plant metabolism which is strictly related to the use of nutrients in the plant.

Megafol is anti-stress and growth activator, and it can help the plant to overcome critical moments due to poor nutrition.
We also suggest using Megafol with foliar NPK, in order to optimize their absorption in the plant.

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