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Our global project to promote agriculture of tomorrow

Valagro for Future Farming is a global project aimed at showing Valagro’s commitment for sustainable agriculture of tomorrow. How? By providing increasingly innovative and effective solutions and technologies to support farmers allover the world.  

Doing more using less resources is the challenging goal that we have to face at a global level: producing higher yield and crops of better quality using less water, land and technical means is the challenge of future agriculture.

In the complex scenario of climate change, scarcity of fundamental resources and land output, it is our responsibility to be committed for sustainable agriculture by making it increasingly productive and efficient, to provide a sustainable response to the need to produce more food for a constantly growing global population.


The efficient water management: a key challenge for Indian farmers to increase crop productivity sustainably, May 14th


Abiotic stress management: a key factor in doubling farmers’ income for sustainable agriculture, April 16th

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