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Where science is serving nature.

Valagro was founded in Abruzzo and brings into the world of today the same passion for nature that produces its solutions for the care and nurture of plants.
Today, our company is able to globally respond to the specific needs of the Customer, needs that reflect new and increasing requirements, in a context of increasingly scarce and precious resources.
For this reason, here at Valagro, we have decided to accept a challenge: to bring development and prosperity using fewer resources, or rather to produce more and better for the needs of the world, using less land, less water and less technical means.
To do this, we have placed research and innovation in the service of nature, understanding that taking care of the future means working together while respecting the environment and protecting the health of everyone.

Passion for nature, belief in innovation, commitment to the future.

The growing demand for food and well-being on the part of the world's population requires an effective response. Relying on a return to nature is not a realistic alternative because it does not suffice to meet global needs.

On the other hand, excessive use of chemical products implies a non-sustainable choice in the long term from the environmental point of view.


At Valagro we live by the third way mindset pursuing excellence and applying science to agriculture to produce more and healthier food with sustainability at heart.


To create a sustainable future for people and nature.


We truly live our values, and we act accordingly
We believe in and live by

as we act with honesty, respecting people and nature
as we are responsible for the sustainable future, we are building
as we create relationships based on doing what we say
as we see the bigger picture while recognizing individual contribution
Innovative mindsets
as we create possibilities with courage, curiosity and determination

Culture Manifesto

We focus on challenging what has already been done. 
We match expertise and business acumen with great results in the constant pursuit of excellence. 
We work for the impossible to become reality. 
For those who are curious and never stop learning, those who courageously bring change and openly listen to new ideas. 
For those who can transfer their value to others always respecting diversity while leveraging inclusion.


Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001

Valagro has decided to adopt an Organisation, Management and Control Model that complies the Italian regulatory provisions contained in Legislative Decree 231/2001.

The Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is the point of reference to ensure the highest ethical standards in the conduct of the corporate business on the part of all those who work on behalf of and in the interest of the Company.

Valagro: passion for nature since 1980

Today, Valagro is a leading company in the production and marketing of bio-stimulants and fertilisers, with 12 subsidiaries located throughout the world.
In addition to its production site in Atessa, Italy, the company has two other active production facilities in Norway, 2 in India and 1 in Brazil.

A history of value

The story of Valagro began in the 1980s with a distinctive value: the incessant search for innovation, respecting nature and ethics. These are the qualities that enabled the company to establish itself successfully in the Italian market during the eighties, following a successful path to consolidate its presence in a growing number of countries around the world. During the 1990s, professionalism, customer-orientation and innovation allowed Valagro to launch itself on the European market and affirm its presence in the Far East and South America and then in the United States.

International success

The new millennium opens with an industrial diversification process made possible by significant acquisitions initially involving the bio-nutrients of the American Nutrecology, specialising in fertilisers and extracts from the Norwegian Algea and Nordtang seaweed. Subsequently, Valagro acquires the English company Maxicrop, along with its subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand, and the French company Samabiol.
In 2015, with the acquisition of the Indian biopesticide company Sri Biotech Laboratories India Limited (today Valagro BioSciences), Valagro enters the new market segment of biopesticides and new technologies, such as fermentation, enhancing its presence in the Asian subcontinent and affirming its status as global company in the field of biologicals.
These are the stages that accompany the consolidation of a distribution network that spreads across more than 80 countries, where Valagro is now present with a high-level offer certified by the highest international authorities.

The Valagro world today.

Today Valagro operates in two business areas:

  • Farm for agriculture;
  • Industrials for the local and international industry.