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To create biostimulants and innovative fertilizers for agriculture

Meet the expectations of customers and the nutritional needs of different crops around the world, pursue minimum environmental impact: with these objectives, Valagro has always invested in research and development, developing processes and solutions that are highly innovative.

The best ideas born from Valagro's research become prototypes. Formulated in the laboratory, they are tested by careful experimentation and are subjected to strict testing in the open field, in different areas and environmental conditions. A long and challenging process that exploits the agronomic know-how acquired by Valagro in more than 30 years of experience.

Using this approach, Valagro created the GeaPower technology platform: raw vegetable materials of excellence are selected to locate and extract natural active ingredients, which are cleverly combined in specific products for crop nutrition. The use of selective investigations and cutting-edge technologies, combined with responsible and targeted application of genomics, proteomics and phenomics, make the realisation of innovative solutions possible for the processes of growth of different crops.


a tool for the improvement of production quality

What are they?

Agricultural biostimulants include different substance formulas that are applied to plants or soil in order to adjust and improve the physiological processes of crops, thus making them more efficient. The biostimulants act on the physiology of plants through other means than the nutrients, enhancing the vigour, yield and quality, as well as contribute to the conservation of the soil after cultivation.

Biostimulants are increasingly used in worldwide agricultural production and can effectively contribute to overcome the challenge posed by the increasing demand for food by the world's population in continuous growth.

If initially the biostimulants were mainly used in organic farming and for fruit and vegetable crops with higher added-value, now they play an increasingly important role in traditional agriculture, as a complement to fertilisers and crop protection products as well as agronomic practices in general. They are in fact perfectly compatible with the most advanced farming techniques that characterise the ICM (Integrated Crop Management) that is the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture.

What are they used for?

According to the EBIC (European Biostimulants Industry Council) the function of the substances and/or micro-organisms contained in the biostimulants is to stimulate the natural processes to:

  • improve absorption and efficient use of nutrients,
  • improve tolerance to abiotic stresses,
  • improve crop quality.

How do biostimulants differ from other technical agricultural products? 

The biostimulants act through different mechanisms than fertilisers, regardless of the presence of nutrients in the products. In addition, biostimulants are distinguished from agrochemicals because they only influence the vigour of plants and have no direct action against pests or diseases. Bio-stimulation of plants is therefore complementary to the use of fertilisers and crop protection products.

The legislative framework

The innovative nature of the biostimulant sector requires a flexible approach to regulations and it is increasingly urgent that a legal framework on a global scale, which recognises and protects innovation in the sector, is defined.
As far as the European market is concerned, EBIC (European Biostimulants Industry Council) is committed to support the European authorities in the definition of an effective and shared regulation for the benefit of farmers, consumers, industry and the environment.

For more information on biostimulants you can visit the ISCF website.

The technology platform GeaPower:

today’s innovation is tomorrow’s well-being


Using science to harness the potential of Nature with an eye toward environmental sustainability: this is the principle on which GeaPower is based. It is the exclusive technology platform developed by Valagro in order to turn potential active ingredients into high quality nutrient solutions.

GeaPower technology is the basis for the agricultural solutions and, from now, its potential is being put to use for other industrial applications.

GeaPower certifies an approach to excellence, based on four fundamental concepts:

Deep knowledge of active ingredients and raw materials

Our in-depth knowledge of the biological and chemical characteristics of the raw materials - responsibly selected in pristine environments - allows us to identify, characterise and preserve the specific active ingredients that can help you reach targeted physiological responses in plants.

Proprietary Extraction Processes

For each raw material, and for each active ingredient, our researchers select and refine the most effective extraction process based on the desired solution.
Only in this way it is possible to preserve the active components in plants.
This is the real strength of our products.

Advanced Screening and investigation technologies

Our laboratories identify the process of physical, chemical and biological classification of the substances present in the extracts obtained from raw materials.
We use genomics, phenomics, proteomics and metabolomics in order to decipher the genetic and molecular triggers and obtain specific physiological responses in plant systems. This helps us understand the way our products work.
Thanks to our technology, we can analyse more than dozens of prototypes and hundreds of samples per experiment to map physiological responses in different environmental conditions.

Ability to provide effective solutions to the customer's requirements

A perfect knowledge of functions related to the use of active ingredients extracted and characterised, and the ability to combine them, allows us to offer our customers the best solution for their needs.
Our Marketing and R&D departments work very closely together because we believe it is essential to identify and offer to the market products with the best development potential.