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the exclusive technology platform

La piattaforma dinamica è alimentata dall’apporto delle 6 piattaforme in cui si articola the organisation of the Research and Development department: the six platforms interact to combine skills and technologies to ensure the development and characterisation of new products according to the specific needs.

Laboratorio di Genomica

Inaugurated in 2014, the Genomic Lab is the first laboratory of this type in Italy and Europe opened within a company operating in the sector  of biostimulant.

This is a research laboratory in which molecular and physiological studies are conducted to monitor gene activity on plants, in order to discover and characterize the mode of action and functions of use of plant biostimulants and their active ingredients.

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Laboratorio di Microbiologia e Patologia

The "Microbiology Lab" allows the study of biostimulant micro-organisms and biocontrol agents.

This is the place where, every day, a special team carry out research and analysis in fermentations sector, while other researchers are committed in the study of micro-organisms and environmental conditions inducing plant diseases within the area dedicated to Plant pathology.

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Sala Relax

L'attenzione per le persone è importante e allora anche le sale relax vengono curate in ogni dettaglio.

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