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Our story begins 40 years ago in Abruzzo, in a small town nestled between Majella mountains and the Adriatic Sea, from the friendship and the professional partnership of our founders, Ottorino La Rocca and Giuseppe Natale, Valagro CEO. 

As for all beginnings, sometimes things are challenging, but the determination and the belief that it is possible to create a sustainable future for people and nature, are such that our founders kept working with passion to build the future they believe in.    

A number of lucky encounters, together with the passion and the commitment of the Valagro team, and the range of products won the trust of customers and farmers all over the world. Over the years our growth continued, further enhanced by the technology platform GeaPower, where it converges merges all the technology used by agronomists, biologists and chemists, and which continues to represent Valagro's research and innovation 

More and more structured and internally organized, today Valagro is the company leader in the research, production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients for crops, with 13 subsidiaries worldwide. Research and innovation, and its know-how in the production of Biologicals are our assets, that have led to a new chapter of our history: Valagro has become part of Syngenta Crop Protection, and we are ready to create a bright future for an always more sustainable agriculture. 


Our story, our photos

Our story is made by our people. The first, staff members shown during the inauguration of the Valagro Group’s current headquarters, built in 1989–90.

Ottorino La Rocca and Giuseppe Natale with Fernando De La Cruz, current Country Manager of Valagro Mexicana. The
subsidiary was set up in 1999, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

A group of customers visiting Valagro Spa's headquarters.

Prem Warrior, Chief Operations Officer of Valagro, at the 2011 Global Sales Conference, Rome.
On this occasion, Valagro launched for the first time GeaPower, the exclusive technology platform which generates Valagro solutions.

Valagro participates in the 1st Biostimulant Congress, Strasbourg 2012.

On October 2019 Valagro celebrates the construction of the Orangeburg plant in the United States, with a ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone, with local authorities representatives from the state of South Carolina, and the federal government in attendance.

When Ottorino La Rocca and Giuseppe Natale talk about Valagro's future, without even realizing it, think and speak the same things as they did 40 years ago, which are then the same things that thought and spoken of today. After all the values on which they founded the company it is still the same: people at the center. The farmers that can produce more using less resources, the employees, customers and providers to whom provide a mutual wellbeing. Valagro is a company proud of its own roots, tied to the territory and to the social tissue to whom it always try to return, in any form, part of what it got. 


This is just part of our story and to make a very special memory of our (first) 40 years we have created the book and the comics, download below! 

Find out the best moments of our story from 1980 to today!