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Our global project to promote agriculture of tomorrow

Valagro for Future Farming is a global project aimed at showing Valagro’s commitment for sustainable agriculture of tomorrow. How? By providing increasingly innovative and effective solutions and technologies to support farmers allover the world.  

Doing more using less resources is the challenging goal that we have to face at a global level: producing higher yield and crops of better quality using less water, land and technical means is the challenge of future agriculture.

In the complex scenario of climate change, scarcity of fundamental resources and land output, it is our responsibility to be committed for sustainable agriculture by making it increasingly productive and efficient, to provide a sustainable response to the need to produce more food for a constantly growing global population.


The efficient water management: a key challenge for Indian farmers to increase crop productivity sustainably, May 14th

Water is a precious natural resource and, when it comes to agriculture, it is essential to properly manage it. This is why the second event of the Valagro for Future Farming in India is focused on the sustainable water management.

India has 18% of the world's population but has only 4% of the world's freshwater, 80% of which is used in agriculture: the scale of this commitment is huge. Improving crop yield and productivity in the context of more efficient use of water and other production inputs has always been a goal pursued by Valagro.

Our goal is to create a radical change for more sustainable and resilient agriculture. During the event we talk about the challenges and the perspective of Indian agriculture and we underline how our solutions, expecially Talete, the innovative biostimulant that increases crop water productivity, are an effective and sustainable solution to face the needs of Indian farmers, to support them creating the agriculture of tomorrow. 


Abiotic stress management: a key factor in doubling farmers’ income for sustainable agriculture, April 16th

This year Valagro for Future Farming is back in India to introduce to Indian farmers Valagro's innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Drought, floods, heatwaves, crop failures, landslides, tropical storms, and cyclones are some of the natural disasters that have affected India in 2020 and that make the country one of the most affected by climate change, globally. In India climate change is projected to reduce wheat yield by 6-25% and between 2050 and 2080 scenarios is projected to reduce the kharif maize yields by 18 to 23%. Climate change is also responsible for severe abiotic stress on crops. 

The Valagro for Future Farming online event is focused on abiotic stress and is aimed at explaining how it is possible to reduce it by using the Valagro's solutions: Megafol, our anti-stress and growth activator, is one of the solutions presented during the event. 

Discover more about the previous editions in 2018 and 2019.

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  • Promotes vegetal growth during environmental stress.
  • Stimulates growth of plants and improves effectiveness of treatments.
  • It guarantees balanced plant growth.
  • It promotes good fruit setting and reduces fruit drop.
  • It reduces soil weariness.
  • Ensure repotted or transplanted seedlings have completely taken root.
  • Reduces period of excess stress from transplantation.
  • Allows uniform development of all seedlings.
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Increases production and improves vegeto-productive balance.