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What is EPD certification and why it is important?

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified document that quantifies the environmental impact of a product or service along all its life cycle and communicates it in a transparent and comparable way, facilitating comparison between products fulfilling the same function.

The impact of a product is measured by means of the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, an objective procedure which takes into account all the inputs and outputs associated with its life cycle, from raw materials extraction to the reuse, recycling or disposal of final waste.

For Valagro, the EPD certification implements our concrete commitment to creating a sustainable future for people and nature. We believe that our goal of a more sustainable agricultural production while retaining quality and quantity can be reached only by making every single link of the value chain sustainable, starting by our own solutions. That is why the EPD certification is important to us: not only it communicates in a clear and objective way the impact of our products, but also allows us to gain deeper understanding of our environmental performances with the aim of continuous improvement.


Valagro’s commitment to sustainability: a journey started long ago

Our milestones

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      We are working to provide Environmental Product Declaration certification for all our products. As for now, the EPD data sheets of the above products are already available. 

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