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The Valagro for Future Farming project is back

The global initiative, with which Valagro intends to show its commitment to creating tomorrow's agriculture by providing increasingly innovative and effective solutions and technologies, returns for its second edition. Producing higher yield and better quality crops using less water, land and technical means is a global agricultural challenge.

In the complex context of the effects of climate change, and faced with the scarcity of fundamental resources and land profitability, agriculture needs to become increasingly productive and efficient, to provide a sustainable response to the need to produce more food for a constantly growing global population.

To this end, Valagro, which has always been committed to putting innovation and research at the service of farmers worldwide, to rise to the challenge of "doing more with less", continues its global project Valagro for Future Farming.


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Our events in 2019


The key role of Biologicals for Indian Agriculture


21st February, New Delhi, Hotel Le Meridien

What will be the benefits of Biologicals for Indian agriculture in the near future? This will be the central theme of the second Indian edition of the Valagro for Future Farming project, a discussion where industry experts from the academic and research fields in India will be invited to contribute alongside the senior managers of Valagro BioSciences and Valagro's CEO, Giuseppe Natale.

The event will be a valuable opportunity to illustrate the key role that Valagro can play in developing and supplying solutions such as Biologicals to the Indian market, helping make agriculture ever more efficient and productive.

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Valagro for Future Farming on Tour, Brasile



First Stage : Goiàs 



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Fourth stages: Mato Grosso



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Steering the Chinese Agriculture Efficiency


4th July, Beijing, Conrad Beijing Hotel

Promoting greater efficiency to benefit sustainable productivity through highly innovative solutions like biostimulants: this is the topic which industry experts and Valagro representatives will discuss in the first edition of the Valagro for Future Farming project in China. The goal will be to provide concrete solutions for the future of agriculture in one of the world's most populous countries.

China finds itself having to feed around a fifth of the world's population with just 7 percent of the arable land availableBy 2020 the Chinese government intends to develop 26.7 million hectares of high-yield agricultural land, equal to the amount created from 2011 to 2015.
A challenge that will have to be faced while improving infrastructure and protecting the environment. And with respect to the challenge of combining productivity and sustainability, especially in key sectors of the Chinese agricultural market such as industrial crops, the biostimulants resulting from Valagro's research will represent a real solution.

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