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ALGEA Lead Registrant

Algea is the Norwegian subsidiary of the Valagro group. For over 75 years, Algea, collects and processes algae such as Ascophyllum nodosum to produce high quality and purity  ingredients. This precious raw material grows only along the coasts of the north Europe and America and Algea collects them in a sustainable way only Norway.



Algea, joined the Valagro group in 2002, and they share the knowledge regarding market trends and the ancient collection method that preserves the species and ensures the natural regrowth.
The Algea product line consists of meals, creams and solid and liquid extracts based on Ascophyllum nodosum usable as ingredients in agriculture and for animal feed.
Following the acquisition of Algea, today one of the world's largest producers of seaweed-based products, in 2010 Algea has obtained the registration dell'Ascophyllum nodosum extract (EC 283-907-6), operating in the European Union as a Lead Registrant.
For more information go to Algea website.