Fe DTPA 11%

Iron chelated with DTPA

EC Number: 235-627-0
CAS Number: 12389-75-2

Chelati con DTPA - Fe DTPA 11%


General Description
Fe DTPA 11% is microgranular Iron (Fe) chelated with DTPA.
The chelating agent DTPA has a medium pH range of stability.
Fe DTPA 11% prevents and treats typical symptoms of Iron deficiency as the yellowing of leaves, the poor flowering, the apical defoliation.
Thanks to its percentage of Iron (Fe) chelated by DTPA (about 11%) and its solubility, FeDTPA 11% is ideal for the production of fertilizers against chlorosis.


Iron (Fe), water soluble: 11%
Iron (Fe), DTPA chelated: 11%

Analytical methods according to Reg. EC 2003/2003, consolidated 12/03/2007

Packaging: 25Kg