Valagro USA INC.

From the joint-venture between Valagro and Lidochem, in 2000, Houston, Texas sees the birth of Nutrecology.
With the aim of distributing the range of Valagro products throughout the area of north America, the company extends its market to Canada, spreading an innovative, sustainable approach to agriculture.
Today, it is a solid point of reference in particularly interesting markets for their extension of crops and the technological level of the managers involved, and respect for the environment.
In 2011 Nutrecology changed company name and now it's called VALAGRO U.S.A.


Products marketed:
Farm / Turf & Ornamentals

Competent market:
United States of America and Canada

Valagro USA Inc.
19500 SH 249, Suite 245
Houston, TX 77070

Phone number: (+1) 800-327-5526; (+1) 281-664-8700
(+1) 800-327-5527; (+1) 281-664-8701

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